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Grand Canyon Tour Company Book Store

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon Book The Story Behind the Scenery

Grand Canyon: The Story Behind the Scenery®
by L. Greer Price
See the Grand Canyon — an awesome spectacle of nature's grandeur and an unequaled example of erosion — as it would be seen by explorers, geologists, and naturalists.64 pages, 82 color photos, 1 chart, 1 illustration, 2maps. Softcover.
English - $9.95 plus shipping
Audio cassette tape - $10.95 plus shipping
German Translation Package - $10.95 plus shipping

Grand Canyon: The Story Behind the Scenery®

In Pictures Grand Canyon: The Continueing Story®
by Connie Rudd
Spectacular photos illustrate many facets of the canyon — Water: Creator and Destroyer," "Ancient Life Clues," "Running of the Grand," and "Life in the Canyon," and many more48 pages, 80 color photos, 3 maps. Softcover.
English, German, French or Japanese - $8.95 plus shipping
Translation Packages (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian) - $9.95 plus shipping

In Pictures Grand Canyon: The Continuing Story

Grand Canyon - North Rim: The Story Behind the Scenery®
by Connie Rudd
Explore the plateaus that make up the North Rim, discover evidence of ancient civilizations, wander the Widforss Trail and Arizona Strip, and follow the steps of explorers and pioneer settlers.48 pages, 64 color photos, illustration, 2maps. Softcover.
English - $8.95 plus shipping

Grand Canyon - North Rim: The Story Behind the Scenery®

Grand Canyon Interactive CD-ROM
Discover 134 miles of sights and sounds of the Grand Canyon as you float down the Colorado River. Encounter sheer rock walls, the thunder of white water rapids, exquisite pools, and hidden waterfalls in remote side canyons. Interactive maps provide exciting activities, such as the 360 degree panoramic views, that reveal the unexpected.
Hardware/Software Requirements: Pentium processor, 8 MB memory, MPC-compatible double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, SVGA with 640 x 480 resolution, 256 or more colors, Windows 3.1, 95 or later.
CD-ROM - $25.95 plus shipping

Grand Canyon Interactive CD-ROM

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